Open Source Projects

Our open source work focuses on the accessibility of philanthropic data


A community project demonstrating how open source technologies can be leveraged to minimize the cost of hosting and sharing philanthropic data

SmarterGiving Grantmaker Template

Foundation Templates

Transparency should be a policy decision, not a technological one. Our open source website templates help grantmakers of all sizes establish their online presence.

SmarterGiving SDG Predictor

SDG Predictor

Leveraging Machine Learning and Google Cloud APIs to classify grants by U.N. Sustainable Development Goal.

IRS Form 990 Node.js Scripts

IRS 990PF Scripts

Node.js scripts to work with electronic IRS Form 990PF. Download, parse, normalize, and insert into a MongoDB database.

SmarterGiving Open Data

Open Data

Most machine-readable data in the charitable world is stuck behind paywalls. We're exploring new ways to gather and share data so developers can more easily experiment with new philanthropic models.



It's easy to follow and mimic the investments of for-profit investors. We asked ourselves why it was so hard to follow and mimic experienced philanthropists and built a philanthropy platform around the idea.

SmarterGiving Dispatch


Dispatches are curated lists of effective nonprofits. We find experienced philanthropists in given topics and use their insights to present users a digestible list of 10 nonprofits.

SmarterGiving HGrant JSON


We converted the hGrant spec to JSON schema, making it much easier for developers to create valid hGrants in machine-readable format.

Who We Are

We're a merry band of product-minded geeks, led by Chad Kruse.